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Watch Your Limited-Time Replay:
New Moon Shadow Work & Yin Yoga Journey
(click for sound)

Want to dive deeper into this life-changing journey?




This is the LAST time I will be offering this online course with live Zoom sessions & loads of pre-recorded material for you to go at your own pace.


the revolutionary online course

to break through

your unconscious blocks

& shine your light in the world.


The online course that blends modern psychology

with ancient yogic wisdom.


20 Yoga Alliance Credit Hours for Yoga Teachers


"SHADOW + LIGHT is liberating beyond words.

I've gained so much insight + acceptance of exactly who I am -- that's given me more confidence in my work + relationships. S + L inspires honesty + compassionate introspection.

"WOW! THANK YOU! I've always had a stressful relationship with money, with spending. I just looked back at my journal from the course and I'm astonished.

This year I paid off my car and put lots in savings.

I just put it all together because of Shadow Work with your course! 

"Melissa has helped me realize that all parts of me deserve respect + love...thank you for making me feel accepted + welcome in your course, + in the world.

The material is so well-thought out + the live sessions are very powerful.

Kaylee S.


Sarah P.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, 

it will direct your life 

& you will call it fate."

- Carl Jung

are you seeking

the next step in your personal evolution...

but the same patterns keep repeating in your life?

  • money blocks

  • attracting the same type of partners & situations

  • relationship conflicts

  • self-doubt & lack of clarity

  • creative blocks

  • body image issues 

do you get triggered by certain scenarios,

even though you've tried to work on these patterns before, & you're FRUSTRATED
that you aren't farther along your path?

"Taking the Shadow + Light course with Melissa & Ashley
has been 
nothing short of life changing:

I uncovered a GIANT revelation about my love life within the first hour
of their Shadow Work exercises. That alone has been worth it!

They've provided not just concepts

but super helpful tools so that I can heal these patterns in my life.

I'm only on the second module and I've already had so many ah-ha moments!"

- Gwen S.


journey to self-mastery

with Melissa Carroll, ERYT500 & Ashley Sweet, LMHC

a powerful 8-week online course to release your limiting beliefs,

reframe your stories, reclaim your inner power,

& shine your light in the world.


20 Yoga Alliance Credit Hours for YTTs & Yoga Teachers!

when you sign up for 

you get

  • 8 dynamic lessons delivered every week that guide you through our proven, time-tested method 

  • 8 LIVE & recorded online sessions on Zoom beginning in Nov 11th, 2021 ( you go at your own pace through the course & can rewatch the videos any time)

  • 5 powerful guided meditations

  • 2 gentle yoga & pranayama videos

  • Lifetime access to all course materials

  • Personal support every step of the way

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee*


course outline

Course Outline

Week 1

  • Discovering Your Shadow

  • 3 Layers of Consciousness & Carl Jung

  • Spiritual Bypassing

  • 2 Ways the Shadow Shows Up

  • Automatic Writing & Journaling Prompts


Week 2

  • The Trap of "Shoulds & Shoudnts"

  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs

  • Tracing Your Patterns: Conditioned Beliefs & their Effects on Your Life


Week 3

  • Embracing Your Whole Self

  • Building Your "Call Upon Me When" Deck of Cards

  • Gentle Yoga Video for Shadow Integration


Week 5

  • Deconstructing Shame

  • Igniting Your Creative Spark

  • ReVisioning Your Shadow Self: Creating a Flash Collage


Week 7

  • Integration Collage: ReVisioning Your Whole Self

  • Retelling Your Power Story

  • Reflections Journaling

Week 3

Week 3

  • Love Letters to Your Exiled Self

  • Guided Meditation: Reconnect to Your Pure Essence

  • Nurturing Your Younger Self

Week 4


Week 6

  • Your Creative Genius

  • Gentle Yoga, Pranayama, & Meditation for Shadow Integration


Week 8

  • The Nature of Your Highest Self: Who Am I?

  • The Yogic View of Self, Attachment, Craving & Avoidance

  • Guided Meditation

Optional SHADOW + LIGHT LIVE ZOOM Sessions 

(all sessions recorded if you can't join live; you receive lifetime access to all recordings)

Tuesdays 7PM - 8:15 EST

Nov. 29th       Dec. 6nd     Dec. 13th         Dec. 20th

Dec. 27th        Jan. 3rd     Jan. 10th        Jan. 17th    

Spend the dark, yin months of the year on a profoundly healing journey to unearth your depths,

shine the light on your shadow, & 

move toward inner peace.

prana course (1).png

PRANA Course
($57 Value)

Awaken your Life-Force Energy:

This self-paced journey moves you through powerful ancient yogic techniques to help you feel vibrant,  calm, & deeply grounded.




If you feel exhausted, burnt out, or scattered,

these tried + true energy techniques will help:

  • 5 Yoga + Mudra Practices to Ground Your Energy

  • Yoga Nidra for Sleep

  • Energy Protection Rituals: Cord Cutting, Aura Zip Ups, Home Space Protection & More

  • Pranayama Journeys to Vitalize Your Life Force

  • Beginning Work with Bandhas (energy locks)

  • and more!

Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 6.52.15 PM.png
course pricing


Copy of angelica gomez.png
Image by Jeremy Thomas

Go at your own pace & enjoy a supportive, joyful community along the way.


You receive lifetime access to 8 in-depth modules

that guide you through our proven method of inner transformation (which leads to outer results).


8 LIVE Zoom Sessions, PDFs, video recordings, guided meditations, & gentle yoga sessions

to support your journey.

Melissa Carroll, MFA, E-RYT500, YACEP has been studying and teaching energy healing, meditation, yoga,

and spirituality since 2006. She brings her lighthearted humor, compassion, and 14 years of experience as a college creative writing instructor and yoga teacher. Melissa has co-led 200hr & 300hr Yoga Teacher Training programs

and continues to offer Yin Yoga Trainings. She's the author of three poetry collections and the editor of Going OM:

Real-Life Stories on & off the Yoga Mat.

Ashley Sweet, MA, LMHC, is a community leader for social justice and women’s empowerment.

With more than 14 years experience as a researcher, she is grounded in data but stays rooted by honoring the deep wisdom of intuition and spirit. Ashley is a licensed mental health counselor in Florida and Virginia; she helps others practice nonviolent communication, vulnerability, authenticity, boundary setting and self-care.

For less than the cost of a weekend getaway,

a yoga retreat, or a month of therapy, you receive:

  • 8 Dynamic Online Lessons based on our time-tested, proven practices   

  • 5 Powerful Guided Meditations 

  • Journaling & creative exercises to break through limiting beliefs, shame stories & energy blocks

  • 2 Gentle Yoga & Pranayama Practices to embody your Shadow Integration practices

  • Access to a private Facebook community of like-minded souls 

  • 8 LIVE Zoom group sessions to keep the momentum going while you get to go through the course at your own pace (begins November 2022)

  • Lifetime access to all lessons & materials

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee (if you complete the course & feel as though it didn't meet your needs and help you, we'll gladly refund you fully)

SHADOW + LIGHT Pricing Options
20 Yoga Alliance Credit Hours       Money-Back Guarantee*
You Receive $111 OFF!

Image by Vincentiu Solomon

1 time payment


SAVE $111

your price: $333

Image by Vincentiu Solomon

5 monthly payments


SAVE $109

your price: $67

100% Secure Checkout

100% Money-Back Guarantee

*Course must be completed. If once you complete the 8 modules you are dissatisfied with the program we will gladly refund you your money back 100%.

Here's something you might not realize...

we are all addicted to certain emotional patterns.

Do you know a workaholic who’s always stressed about the latest project?


Or maybe that friend who’s always got drama in his relationships?

How about the family member who's mantra is, "things never work out for me"?

They might SAY they don’t like stress...


                                                  ...but the TRUTH is they’re addicted to it.

(and what patterns might you be unconsciously addicted to?)

If this resonates with you, now is the time to join.

"The majority of people in the Western world spend the majority of their lives

living by the hormones of stress.


The hormones of stress give the body and brain a rush of energy; it’s like a narcotic.


It becomes a drug, and people become very addicted to the adrenaline

and stress hormones…

…and they use the problems and conditions in their lives to reaffirm their emotional addiction, so they can remember who they think they are…

…if the hormones of stress become like a narcotic and we can turn on the stress response just by thought alone, then we can become addicted to our own thoughts.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

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