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Yin Yoga for Fall: Heart & Lung Meridians

for 11/14 at 10AM EST

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Ready to Release Your Limiting Beliefs?

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3 Prompts to Rewire Limiting Beliefs

Copy of a love letter to fear (1).png

Love Letters to Your Shadow

Copy of Copy of dirty sexy money.png

Break Money Blocks

are you seeking

the next step in your personal evolution...

but the same patterns keep repeating in your life?

  • money blocks

  • creative blocks

  • attracting the same type of partners

  • relationship conflicts

  • self-doubt & lack of clarity

  • body image issues 

do you get triggered by certain scenarios,

even though you've tried to work on these patterns before?

You read inspiring books, learn new techniques,

meditate & try to manifest...

but it feels like there's some hidden block preventing you from fully stepping into your potential...some key ingredient missing... you take one step forward in your growth &

then you take two steps back...

...and you're discouraged, frustrated, 

& stuck in self-sabotaging cycles that hijack your happiness...

The #1 Missing Ingredient

You Need if You Want to Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs & Unconscious Blocks

and you don't have to travel to the Himalayas,

learn intricate esoteric knowledge,

or sit for years on your therapist's couch...

...You only have to dive inward

& bring your Shadow into the Light.

What Is the Shadow Self?

Originally coined by Carl Jung, the Shadow

contains the qualities you don’t want to admit

to yourself or anyone else:

any qualities you can’t easily own up to

get shut away in the shadows of your psyche,

where you can’t see them —

but where they wreak the most havoc.

Your Shadow is at the root of the negative patterns

in your life, your limiting beliefs,

& your judgments.


Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will run your life

and you will call it fate.

Carl Jung

In Shadow Integration, you unlearn all of the unhelpful messages ingrained

in you & radically pour gratitude into the parts of yourself

that you've judged, shamed, & avoided for years.

But here's the BIG key:

Your Shadow contains BOTH your struggles AND

your hidden strengths...

your unique genius, your raw talent, your gifts

lie dormant in your Shadow, 

closed off by fear, avoidance, insecurity, & doubt.

For example, your fear of being seen & your fear of failure

may shut down your creative spark, your quirky genius, or your ability

to share your message with the world.

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