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The Weird Link Between Limits & Receiving

Tell me, friends, does this meme resonate?

(If you’re awkward & excited raise your hand.)

Do you get a little awkward when receiving a compliment or unexpected gift?

Like maybe you’re both excited and yet strangely shutting down, saying things like, “Oh no, you’re too kind. I don’t deserve this”?

Through Shadow Work I realized how bad I was at receiving: I even turned down a raise last year.

Oh yes, dear friends, my generous boss offered me more money — and my instant reaction? “No no, I couldn’t accept that.”

When I got back in my car, I paused and realized how damaging my unconscious blocks were.

I had placed a limit around how much money I “should” or "could" have…

…like a line drawn in the sand of my unconscious mind…

…because my money story insisted that money was bad, that the starving artist myth was virtuous, and that capitalism was generally greedy and soulless.

(I later emailed my boss and accepted the raise. ;))

This is the weird link between limits & receiving:

You simply cannot receive a kind word, a compliment, a gift, an opportunity, a great love, or an increase in your bank account if you’ve placed a limit in your unconscious mind.

When opportunity knocks, you won’t answer.

You’ll doubt yourself before you begin.

You’ll rationalize away miracles.

You might even object to a raise, as I did.

I knew I had to RADICALLY REWIRE my money story (using the exact same techniques I teach in my Shadow + Light course)…

…and I discovered that in order to receive, you have to fully embody the sensation of receiving.

As in any mindfulness-based practice, you learn to sit with the sensations that arise.

Dive into the felt experience of receiving a compliment: what makes you want to escape such a moment? You don't have to analyze this: all you have to do is feel.

The more you can be present for your own experience in the moment, the more you open yourself up to the fullness of who you are.

To practice this with me, follow along with my short guided meditation with the Cupful of Blessings Mudra:

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