6 Week



for Yoga Teachers, Coaches, & Wellness Pros

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Paper Craft

Your words are powerful.

They have the power to connect with your audience,

create meaningful conversations (and conversions),

& turn your readers into raving fans

whom can't wait to take your classes!

This Writing Series Is for You If:

  • You want to share your offerings online, but feel overwhelmed & don't know where to start: a blog? Social media? Ads?

  • You've opened up social media only to wonder, "What the heck should I post?"

  • Your website is just sittin' there taking up internet space (or no space yet) -- not engaging your students/clients, not getting you leads, and not helping you grow professionally.

  • You've heard you should start an email newsletter, but you're not sure what to send out (and if you have a newsletter it doesn't have any momentum).

"You are a GEM! Thanks for making my life better with this course."

~ Pam S.

"This course is a STEAL!"

~ Charles B.

"Melissa's writing workshops are so engaging and beyond helpful --

I only wish I'd found her writing courses sooner!"

~ Maya F.

Week 1: The Art

of Storytelling

(all session are recorded so you can rewatch any time)

  • Telling Your Origin Story: The Movie of Your Life

  • The Art of Storytelling: Imagery & Emotions

  • The Experience-Lesson Format

  • Know Your Audience

Regular Price: $33

$17 for the Workshop​

Week 2:

Finding Your Voice

  • Tone, Imagery, Rhythm

  • One of the Most Powerful Forms for Sharing Your Life Experiences

  • The Power of Emotions

  • Relating to Your Ideal Audience

Regular Price: $33

$17 for the Workshop​

Week 3:

Social Media with Soul

  • Grow your audience -- and your impact -- by writing resonant stories 

  • Cut through the noise & create connections that matter

  • Bring your stories to life with dialogue, scene, and other key craft techniques -- fitted for the short form of social media

Regular Price: $33

$17 for the Workshop​

Week 4:

Website That Work

  • The most important words that should appear on your homepage

  • Turn your website into a lead generator, helping you grow while you sleep

  • Get the exercise to create a headline that hooks your reader instantly

Regular Price: $33

$17 for the Workshop​

Week 5:

Creating Magic Content

  • Learn the #1 way to grow your audience by sharing your unique gifts

  • Gain the clarity + inspiration to create content that aligns with your services & your students' needs

  • Learn the secrets web copywriters use for homepages and sales pages

Regular Price: $33

$17 for the Workshop​

Week 6:

Email Storytelling Magic

  • Transform email marketing to email storytelling, and generate real connections online

  • Increase open rates with subject lines to spark intrigue

  • Get the email template I use that generates sales + rave responses

Regular Price: $33

$17 for the Workshop​

White Feather

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Regular Price: $257

$87 for the Whole Series plus Bonus Gifts

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