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mindful yoga,
shadow work, &
creative writing
to help you

shine your light.

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If you've got an inner critic or are feeling stuck,
whether it comes to your spiritual growth or your sharing work in the world,  
 I'm here to help
through Mindful Yoga, Shadow Integration, Philosophy + Creative Writing

so you can overcome feeling overwhelmed, align with you purpose,
+ share your unique gifts with the world.

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FREE 90-Minute Workshop
Yin Energy + Your Shadow Self   



The Holy Shift
Writing Series

As a Yoga Teacher, Coach, or Wellness Pro,

your words are powerful. The Holy Shift Writing Series helps you create online conversations that matter --  and turn your students into raving fans.

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Creative Writing, Reiki, & Yin Yoga Workshops 

Whether you want to deepen your yoga studies, unlock your creative energy, or experience energy work, there's an online workshop for you to feel inspired.

Pink Notebook

Your Mythic Journey Writing Series

If you want to change your life, change your story. This 4-week On-Demand Online Course takes you through a classic narrative journey to help you uncover insights about your spiritual path.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, 

it will direct your life 

& you will call it fate."

- Carl Jung



the revolutionary course

to break through

your unconscious blocks

& shine your light in the world.




"SHADOW + LIGHT is liberating beyond words.

I've gained so much insight and acceptance of exactly who I am -- that's given me more confidence in my work and relationships. This course inspires honesty and compassionate introspection."

"WOW! THANK YOU! I've always had a stressful relationship with money, with spending. I just looked back at my journal from the course and I'm astonished.

This year I paid off my car and put a lot in savings.

I just put it all together because of Shadow Work with your course!" 

"Revelation after revelation with this course! I've untangled so many relationship patterns. My marriage has never been better, honestly. I have grown to genuinely love and accept my whole self through this journey. Grateful for this life-changing Shadow Work." 

Kaylee S.

Caroline B.

Julisa H.

Hi, I'm Melissa.

I help magical people make peace with their inner critic + transform their lives through Yoga, Shadow Integration, & Creative Writing.

In my past lives I wrote for Fortune 500 companies, taught college creative writing courses at USF & UT -- & many years ago I dressed as a fairy at the mall whilst selling all-natural products. 

I teach Yoga Teachers and wellness professionals  how to share their stories online through soulful social media, website copy, and content creation -- which turns readers into raving fans.

I also edited a book! It's called
Going OM: Real-Life Stories on + off the Yoga Mat (because I love puns).



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Pink and Purple Playful Sale Animated So

If you've ever wondered:

  • what the heck to post on social media

  • how to jazz up your website (or how to get started)

  • how to share your story, your voice, & your passions in a way that *actually gets you results*

Then this workshop is for you!

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