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My Reiki Story

Once upon a time, before social media, us weirdos had to find out about Yoga, Reiki, & Meditation events on the corkboard at the local health food store.

Or the free local wellness magazine. Or by knowing someone.

(Back in 2006 Facebook was still only available for college students and no one had yet heard of the term 'Instagram,' let alone 'TikTok.' What a time to be alive I say!)

In 2006 I had just graduated college and had gotten a part-time receptionist gig at a wellness spa in Tampa.

It was all new to me: the lemongrass essential oils I had to pour into little diffusers during my shift, the soft instrumental music wafting through the speakers, the yoga magazines in the waiting area.

One day at the spa, a woman -- who would end up being my Reiki teacher -- came in to offer free Reiki treatments. No one else was around.

"Would you like a free 15-minute Reiki session?" she asked.

"Of course!"

Did I know what Reiki was? No. But it was free and I was making minimum wage and I was open to all of these exciting new things.

I sat in a chair in my white uniform as the teacher simply held her hands around me. From the outside, not much was happening.

Yet strangely, magically, something profound was happening within me.

In that 15-minute session, I found what I'd been searching for for years.

Not happiness. Not exactly. This was contentment.

After my free session I had to get back to my receptionist duties, which at that moment involved taking the trash out. I'll never forget standing in the parking lot, garbage bag in my hand, feeling at peace.

This feeling was subtle and powerful simultaneously.

I hadn't felt this before.

I'd struggled with anxiety and depression since I was 9 years old. While I'd certainly felt happy, I often didn't.

I never understood the phrase 'inner peace' until that moment, trash bag in hand, smiling as the sun set over the small parking lot.

Now, I don't want to make it seem as though Reiki immediately cured all my problems. Nothing works like that. 16 years later I still have anxiety, but I have a big ole toolbox that allows me to manage it well.

Depression and anxiety are clinical conditions and I support the many pathways, including medication, that can help us.

Still, I credit Reiki to being "the thing" that changed my life.

FUN FACT: Did you know I originally wanted to be a full time Reiki practitioner, and at first I became trained in Yoga because I figured it would support my Reiki offerings? (*Capricorn)

((Of course, I fell head over heels in love with Yoga and that became the main river of my life, though Reiki was the first catalyst. You never forget your first! :)))

This Sunday, 11/20/22, I'm offering a Reiki Level 1 Training & Attunement online.

In Reiki Level 1 you receive:

  • An introduction to the chakra system

  • A guided healing chakra meditation

  • Energy techniques to calm the nervous system, create a sense of well-being, and enliven your prana/ki

  • Reiki hand positions for a self-healing treatment

  • An introduction to the koshas (layers of the self: physical, energetic, mental, witness, and bliss)

  • How to ground and protect your own energy

  • Reiki Level I attunement and certification

SATURDAY 11/20 from 12PM - 4:30PM EST

4 Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Hours Available for Yoga Teachers

via Zoom

Enjoy an intimate space (these are capped at 5 students) and open to this powerful healing modality.

Sign up by Friday, 11/19/22


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