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MINDFUL MARKETING + MINDSET for Yoga Teachers, Coaches, & Wellness Pros


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The Getting Started Guide: Marketing Tips, Tricks, & Inspiration

Email Templates

Guided Meditation to Step into 
the Creative Flow & Release Expectation

Meditation_ The Creative FlowMelissa Carroll
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Marketing Guide

Your Weekly Session Replays

Week 1: The Art

of Storytelling

  • Telling Your Origin Story: The Movie of Your Life

  • The Art of Storytelling: Imagery & Emotions

  • The Experience-Lesson Format

  • Know Your Audience

Screen Shot 2020-09-09 at 11.22.38

Week 2:

Finding Your Voice

  • Tone, Imagery, Rhythm

  • One of the Most Powerful Forms for Sharing Your Life Experiences

  • The Power of Emotions

  • Relating to Your Ideal Audience

Week 3:

Social Media with Soul

  • Grow your audience -- and your impact -- by writing resonant stories 

  • Cut through the noise & create connections that matter

  • Bring your stories to life with dialogue, scene, and other key craft techniques -- fitted for the short form of social media


Week 4:

Websites That Work

  • The most important words that should appear on your homepage

  • Turn your website into a lead generator, helping you grow while you sleep

  • Create a headline that hooks your reader 

Week 5:

Mindset & Creating

Magic Content 

  • Learn the #1 way to grow your audience by sharing your unique gifts

  • Gain the clarity + inspiration to create content that aligns with your services & your students' needs

  • Learn the secrets web copywriters use for homepages and sales pages


Week 6:

Sales Pages, About Pages, Freebies Oh My!

  • The Website Ayurvedic Treatment

  • Get clear on your website structure

  • Learn the easy yet most powerful ways to make your website pages convert

Week 7:

Email Storytelling & Creating Connections

  • Transform email marketing to email storytelling, and generate real connections online

  • Increase open rates with subject lines to spark intrigue

  • Get the email template I use that generates sales + rave responses

Working on a Computer

Week 8:

Putting It All Together

  • The launch blueprint for you to promote anything with ease

  • Starting from the end

  • Maintainign momentum over time

Thank you for being a part of this course!

Any questions at all? Don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Can't make the live Masterclasses on Thursday nights?
No problem!

Many students have signed up for the whole course just to watch all the replays...
and keep them forever!

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