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Yoga & Creative Writing in Tampa, FL

Held at the beautiful Lotus Pond Yoga Center 

6201 Lynn Road, Tampa, FL  

Yoga & Journaling for the Creative Soul

Saturday, Feb 3rd  |  9:30AM-11:30AM


A yoga flow designed to connect you to what sets your soul on fire ~ what inner truth lives within you and is waiting to be shared with the rest of the world? Experience yoga & journaling to help you release mental chatter, stuck energy, and unlock deeper layers of inspiration.  All levels welcome.

$28 per session  | $125 for all sessions

Getting Unstuck: How to Clear Your Creative Blocks

Saturday, Feb 3rd  |  1:00PM-3:00PM


Fear. Comparison. Rejection. The Inner Critic. Attachment to Results. 

Chances are, at some point in your journey, you’ve encountered one (or all!) of these obstacles. I call them “creativity crushers” because they do just that — evaporate your creative mojo. This workshop is dedicated to understanding 5 common creativity crushers and practical ways to overcome them, so they no longer sabotage your path. Expect a combination of lecture, journaling exercises, and a guided meditation to make peace with your inner critic and to help you stay inspired and fired up.

**2 Credit Hrs for YTTs**

Writing the Body

with Ira Sukrungruang & Melissa Carroll

Saturday, Feb 3rd  |  3:30PM-5:30PM


We have stories about and embedded within our bodies. Often, we inhabit our bodies without much conscious attention, unless it’s framed in the negative, as illness, pain, or perceived ugliness. But there’s a great thing about stories — they can be re-written. This empowering, dynamic workshop will give you the opportunity to use language to reframe, re-story, and rewrite your relationship with your own body. Using mindfulness, creative writing prompts, and reflection, we will dive deep, write from the heart, and heal your relationship with yourself.

**2 Credit Hrs for YTTs**

FREE! WORDS & ART   |  Saturday, Feb 3rd   |   6:30PM-8PM

Featuring readings by Ira Sukrungruang, Lorraine Monteagut, Robert Annis & Melissa Carroll  |  Photography Exhibit by Mike Ruso

Enjoy an evening of great stories, community, and creative energy. Hear award-winning writers share their poetry and prose in the lovely Taste of Earth Juice Bar in the Lotus Pond. Writers attending the weekend retreat are welcome to share their work as well.


Beverages, including specialty coffee, tea, and cold-pressed juice, as well as delicious snacks available for purchase.

Free and open to the public.


Yoga & Writing to Awaken Your True Self   |   Sunday, Feb 4th   |   9:30AM-11:30AM


We'll use mindfulness, breathing exercises, and writing prompts to peel back the layers and connect to your own true source of being. When we drop away our attachments, achievements, and all the images the ego loves to cling to, what is left?



Mindful Writing Workshop! Get Feedback   |   Sunday, Feb 4th   |   1:00PM-3:00PM


One of the most valuable ways to improve your writing is to have others read and offer constructive feedback in a supportive environment. In this workshop, you can bring 1-2 pages of something you’ve written over the retreat, or perhaps something you’ve had on your laptop for months. All genres of creative writing are welcome — poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. We will sit in a circle, get centered with meditation, and respond to one another’s words with compassion. You will learn how your words land with an audience and specifically how you can strengthen your writing.

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