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Cupful of Blessings Mudra: Guided Meditation to Open Up to Abundance

The Cupful of Blessings Mudra

In the yoga tradition, a mudra is a hand gesture known as an energetic seal: using these seals can direct, energize, or soothe your prana (life-force energy).

We use our hands all the time to communicate — especially if you're Italian like me.

A mudra is an inner communication, one that reroutes your typical thought patterns — which is why it can be a potent tool for shifting your energy.

This mudra is designed to help you open up your energy field and work with the practice of receiving.

To practice this with me, follow along with my short guided meditation with the Cupful of Blessings Mudra:

1) To practice this mudra, simply turn your palms upward and hover your hands in front of your heart (for those enrolled in the online course Shadow + Light, you'll find this deeper exploration and guided meditation in Week 5).

2) As you hold the hand position, imagine all the good things you already enjoy in your life: friendships, delicious foods you savor, gorgeous sunsets, a roof over your head, a comfy bed, a car that runs, fulfilling work, etc…

...imagine all those divine blessings, those gifts of good fortune, dropping down into your open palms… imagine all your future blessings raining down into your hands: closer relationships, enhanced abundance, moments of laughter, experiences to cherish.

May you receive all of the blessings coming your way.

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